Chihu World Technologies Private Limited

Web Development

We developed device neutral website. Our developed website works smooth and fast weather your customer open them on laptop or mobile or ipad. We also provide free support and maintains of website for first six months.

Mobile Games

We developed 2d and 3d mobile games. We have vast experience to design and developed tutorial based games. We also developed online, multiplayer and web based game.

Mobile App Development

We developed application for android and iOS. We have vast experience of developing mobile application for various different fields. We also provide free support and maintains of website for first three months.

We are the team of young headstrong enthusiasts driven by passion to reshape the world.

Our work is our pride. We believe in reshaping the conventional way of doing things. As word is changing at the speed of 10x ,Then we must change ourselves at the speed of 100x.

Chihu World Technologies Private Limited provides solution to the various fields of the market. Which include School Management System, 2d and 3d videos, web development, mobile app development and mobile games. We help you to stand apart from rest of the sheep minded market.

Here List the of products,We provide for School Managnment.

  • Attendance Portal
  • Student Information Portal
  • Staff Information Portal
  • Parent's Portal Web
  • Android and Ios App For Admin,Principals,Teachers,Parents
  • E-Learning and Game App For Kids
  • CCTV Integration
  • Staff Payroll Management
  • Library Management
  • Bus Transport & GPS
  • School Fees Management System
  • Admission Process

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